Spiritus tuus bonus deducet me in terram rectam...
Thy good spirit shall lead me into the right land...
PSALM 142:10

THE NEW AMERICAN. -- On March 25, 1949, Feast of the Annunciation, Father arrived in the "New World" aboard the Dutch liner S.S. Veendam, on the very spot, the New Jersey side of New York's Hudson river, where in 1630 his ancestor, Michael De Pauw, in the service of the Dutch West Indies Company, had landed to become first proprietor of what are today Ellis Island, Staten Island and Jersey City.

Notas facite in populis adinventiones Eius.
Make known the Lord's deeds among the nations.

IN SPECIAL SERVICE. -- During the years of 1949-'50 Father (left) served occasionally as "diplomatic courier" for the Vatican, while his brother, Franciscan Father Adhemar (right), was Pope Pius XII's personal representative at the United Nations Organization in New York, Paris and Geneva.