Linguis suis dolose agebant: judica illos, Deus.
They dealt deceitfully with their tongues: judge them, O Lord.
PSALM 5:11

ROME-PROTECTED. -- In spite of all Jesuit-fabricated Establishment claims to the contrary, the private correspondence between Father and the then official Church custodian of the Catholic doctrine, Rome's Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani, originating as early as Feb. 4, 1965, and lasting till Jan. 1, 1979, the year of the cardinal's death, speaks for itself, with perhaps the above reproduced Feb. 28, 1978 letter, sent on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the CTM's Ave Maria Chapel, conveying the most eloquent message.

Dixit Simoni Petro Jesus: ... Pasce agnos meos.
And Jesus saith to Simon Peter: ... Feed my lambs.
JOHN 21:15

SERVING UNDER 5 POPES: JOHN PAUL I (1978).: The Pope who loved Father: On Sept. 5, 1978, only three days after his inauguration as Supreme Pontiff, and twenty-three days before his mysterious death, the Pope sent Father his formal "profoundest thanks for your loyalty and love, and Apostolic Blessing to you personally and to all in your care.

Reverendo Domino

TRANSLATION: Secretariat of State.
From the Vatican: September 5, 1978.
To the Rev. Father Gommar De Pauw.
Reverend Father: I have the pleasure of informing you that the Supreme Pontiff, John Paul I, was most eager to accept the good wishes which you sent him the day he assumed the office of Supreme Shepherd of the Church. -- He personally sends you his profoundest thanks for such an expression of loyalty and love, while at the same time taking the greatest satisfaction in sending his Apostolic Blessing to you personally and equally to all those in your care. -- While I am sending this letter to you by order of the most Holy Father, I declare myself at the same time your most devoted (s) J. Cardinal Villot.