Domine Deus,... in manu Tua virtus et potentia;
in manu Tua magnitudo et imperium omnium.

In Thine hand, O Lord God, is power and might;
and in Thine hand it is to make men great and strong.

TREASURED POSSESSION. -- One of the CTM's smallest but most influential publications is its monthly "public information service" QUOTE... ...UNQUOTE, which Father started in 1980. -- When in 1989 a special issue was dedicated to moral issues pronouncements during the Ronald Reagan administration, the 40th President of the United States sent Father a very personal hand-written letter, which Father displays as one of his "most treasured possessions."

Simul abierunt in confusionem fabricatores errorum.
The forgers of errors are gone together into confusion.
ISAIAH 45:16

The Challenge
of Peace
through Strength
God's Plan
and Our
Defense of It

The Stripping
of a
Bishop's Pastoral Letter

Rev. Dr. Gommar A. De Pauw

C.T.M. Publications

CHALLENGING THEOLOGIAN. -- Perhaps Father's most controversial and influential publication was his 1989 book, The Challenge of Peace through Strength, an updated version of his 1983 essay Weighed and Found Wanting, in which he exposed the American Catholic bishops' pastoral letter on war and peace, The Challenge of Peace, as doctrinally unsound, pastorally confusing, and damaging both Church and State.