"The enemies of the Church know only too well the vital importance of the priesthood. And, as a result, it is against the priesthood in particular that they direct the point of their attacks. It is the priesthood they want to get rid of, in order to clear the way for that destruction of the Church, which has been attempted over and over again, but, so far, has never been achieved."

As quoted in Quote-Unquote April-May 1992

"The priest knows full well that the powers he has received from God are given to him not to feed his own vanity, but to enrich the hearts of the faithful; and that, though instrumental in pointing out to others the way to heaven, he himself, unless adorned with personal virtues, will become a reprobate, like those unhappy priests of Jerusalem who directed the Maji to Jesus in Bethlehem, but did not go there themselves."

"If society justly holds the unskillful physician responsible for the fatal consequences of his malpractice, surely God will call to a strict account the spiritual physician who, through criminal ignorance, prescribes injudicious remedies to the souls of the patients committed to his charge."

"The priest is a judge of souls ... if nothing is so disastrous to the country as an incompetent judge, whose decisions, though involving life and death, are rendered at haphazard and not in accordance with the merits of the case, so nothing is more detrimental to the Christian commonwealth than an ignorant priesthood, whose decisions injuriously affect the salvation of souls."

"The priest has to defend the soul not only against the corruptions of the heart, but also against those doctrinal errors that are daily springing up in every direction, and which are plausibly preached by false teachers, who bring to their support the most specious arguments, couched in the most attractive language. To refute these errors often requires the most consummate skill and a profound knowledge of history and the Holy Scripture."

From Baltimore's James Cardinal Gibbons'
As quoted in Quote-Unquote April 1980

Whilst Jesus was kind to sinners and to those who went astray, HE DID NOT RESPECT THEIR FALSE IDEAS, HOWEVER SINCERE THEY MIGHT HAVE APPEARED. He loved them all, but He instructed them in order to convert them and save them.

Modern enemies of the Church are organizing a great movement of ASPOTASY in every country for the establishment of a ONE-WORLD CHURCH which shall have neither dogmas, nor hierarchy, neither discipline for the mind, nor restraint for the passions.

"LETTER ON THE SILLON", August 25, 1910
As quoted in Quote-Unquote May 1998

The Church's official teaching - as we already explained above - is very clear on the subject. "If anyone omits or changes ANYTHING in the form of the Consecration, ... and in this change of words THE WORDS DO NOT MEAN THE SAME THING," he not only commits a mortal sin, but "HE DOES NOT EFFECT THE SACRAMENT."

- St. Pius
As quoted in The New "Mass" Warning
Spring 1975

"He who commits sin is of the Devil, for the Devil has sinned from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the Devil."

- I JOHN 3,8
As quoted in Quote-Unquote May 1991

"The Church must, by the will of its Founder, be of necessity the same in all countries and throughout all time."

- Pope LEO XIII (1896)

"The nature and character of the Catholic Faith is such that nothing can be added to it, or taken from it."

- Pope BENEDICT XV (1914)
As quoted in Quote-Unquote September 1981

"From that most rotten source of indifferentism flows that absurd and erroneous opinion, or rather insanity, that freedom of conscience should be claimed and defended for everyone. Some even keep saying that religion is actually bound to benefit from such a theory, while in front of them both Church and State are being destroyed by it. - St. Augustine said it repeatedly and correctly: 'Nothing is more deadly to the soul than granting freedom to error.' - Having to witness the fact that men are removing all restraints until now keeping them on the right path, we do not hesitate to say that 'the bottomless pit' of which St. John spoke in his Apocalypse (9,3) has now truly been opened, that 'bottomless pit' from which he saw 'smoke arising by which the sun and the air were darkened."


"One cannot accept the language of Catholics favoring corrupting novelties, ridiculing the faith of the faithful, advocating a new order of Christian life, calling for new church laws, new understanding of the modern world, a new social vocation for the clergy, and all sorts of similar things claimed to be part of the new human Christianity."


"It is our apostolic duty as Pope to protect the purity of the Faith and the integrity of Church discipline, and to shield the faithful against error and evil. This is especially the case when evil and error are presented to the people in very attractive packages, covering confused thinking and double-talk with ever so sincere sounding sentimental appeals for supposedly good but actually devastating causes."

ST. POPE PIUS X (1910)
As quoted in Quote-Unquote
April 1981 and March 1984