The death of Father De Pauw has no doubt left a huge void in the operations of both the Catholic Traditionalist Movement and the Ave Maria Chapel. Not only did we lose our Founder and President, but we lost our spiritual Father. Father De Pauw provided us with the True Sacrifice of the Mass, True Holy Communion and all the Sacraments for 37 years. From the moment it opened in 1968, the Ave Maria Chapel has been a fully functioning Traditional Roman Catholic parish, providing all that is necessary to guide us from cradle to grave.

The purpose of this section is not to find a new leader of the Catholic Traditionalist Movement but rather to find, in the words of Father De Pauw's final instructions, an unquestionably validly ordained Roman Catholic priest. A priest preferably ordained before the Second Vatican Council, who is untouched by schism on the right or heresy on the left and also never involved in any scandal. We are fully aware that these qualifications no doubt severely limit our choices, however, we will follow Father De Pauw's instructions to the letter and never allow any priest who did not believe as he did and do as he did to set foot on the altar of the Ave Maria Chapel.

What follows next are not the words of lay people overstepping their bounds but rather the words of Holy Popes, the Council of Trent, and the Roman Catholic Church as quoted from decrees written in their divinely inspired pages and the words of Father De Pauw himself.

If after reading through this section you disagree with our position, please do not contact us. We are not interested in defending our position with anyone. If however, you have the necessary qualifications and agree with our position, you may contact us in writing. Be assured all communications will be held in confidence.

In following Father De Pauw's instructions the priest must meet with the board of directors of the Catholic Traditionalist Movement to discuss his ordination papers, curriculum vitae and references. We will then make arrangements to be present and witness a Mass offered by him at a designated site.

Having had the best for 37 years, we are not now willing to compromise. Instead, we prefer to continue what we are doing now each Sunday making a spiritual Mass and Communion before the living God in the Tabernacle of our Ave Maria Chapel. The salvation of our souls is too important to accept anything else.