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"As the Catholic Church looks to the great jubilee of the year 2000, - beginning Dec. 24 of this year and ending Jan. 6, 2001 - she is aware of her continual need of purification and penance. - She therefore wishes to ask pardon for the sins and weaknesses of her children down the ages, such as the use of force in order to impose the truth, - supposedly a reference to alleged forced conversions of Jews and native peoples in missionary lands - and the failure to respect and defend human rights" - supposedly a reference to the Church's, and especially Pope PIUS XII's, failure to oppose the Jewish Holocaust. - JOHN PAUL II, at his weekly general audience at the Vatican, Sept. 1, 1999.

"With all due respect and loyalty to the office of the Papacy, I let this be my comment: If PAPA WOJTYLA - as the Italian media call JOHN PAUL II - truly feels that the moment has come for his conciliarist institutional church establishment to ask the world's 'pardon for certain sins and weaknesses,' there is no need for him to look back 'down the ages,' and offer the Church's enemies a plate displaying the heads of practically all his predecessors on St. Peter's throne, among them no less than 80 canonized Saints, canonized, I may add, at times when canonization still amounted to something… If JOHN PAUL II truly feels the need for 'purification' before he meets his Maker, let him, instead of condemning the old Church that produced thousands of Saints these past 2000 years, ask 'pardon' from today's millions of traditionalist Roman Catholics, - the cream of the Church's crop - who, during his own pontificate, have suffered, and continue to suffer, from feeling themselves, and their children and grandchildren, deprived of the 'Faith of their Fathers' and its true Mass, its true Holy Communion, its true Sacraments, and recently even the very foundations of that Faith, the belief in Heaven and Hell… And in order that no one could doubt the sincerity of this late-hour 'pardon' - asking, let him start, - and one pen stroke could do it! - the return of at least one completely traditional 'ST.PIUS V's QUO PRIMUM MASS' in Latin daily to be offered in every Catholic church and chapel throughout the world… If John Cardinal NEWMAN was right in saying, "Tolle Missam, tolle Ecclesiam, - Do away with the Mass, and you do away with the Church,' we too are right in symmetrically concluding, 'Bring the true Mass back, and watch the true Church equally return to its own pristine holiness and glory." - Father Gommar A. DE PAUW, in New York, when asked for comment on the preceding statement. - Sept. 5, 1999

"Vatican Bombshell! Pope reveals shocking truth about Heaven. It's not the Paradise that you think!… This dramatic announcement flies in the face of traditional Catholic teachings!…" - Front page headlines in tabloid magazine SUN, with article by Beth GIMMEL, commenting on JOHN PAUL II's "catechesis" at the July 21 general audience. - Aug. 17, 1999.


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