A PROFESSIONALLY PRODUCED high-quality DVD -- IN STUNNING COLOR! -- of the traditional Mass, offered entirely in Latin by Father Gommar A. DE PAUW, J.C.D., founder-president (1964) of the CATHOLIC TRADITIONALIST MOVEMENT.
THE LATIN TRADITIONAL MASS: The 1900-year-old "Missa Perennis," complete, with not one word "added to, omitted from, or changed," as reconfirmed by the Tridentine Council, "ordered in perpetuity" and "given for all times" by ST. POPE PIUS V in his decree QUO PRIMUM of July 19, 1570.


Not sold as a relic of the past, at one time offered and interpreted by clerics long since gone to their eternal reward, but presented AS IT IS OFFERED TODAY by a priest faithful to the oath of his ordination, and attended by loyal Roman Catholics of all ages and backgrounds, willing to "stand up and be counted."

Offered with the DEVOTION AND FAITH Catholics in-the-know will only accept as genuine when shown by a veteran priest who, no matter how intense the pressure and fierce the persecution, NEVER offered anything but the Mass of his ordination day.

Offered in the PERFECT LATIN worthy of the Diplomate in Classical Humanities, graduate from one of Europe's outstanding centers of learning.

Offered with the PERFECT PRECISION one can only expect from a former professor of sacramental liturgy and master of pontifical ceremonies.

Prefaced by a DOGMATIC-CANONICAL DISCOURSE possessing both the clarity typical of the priest who never lost the "common touch," and the doctrinal solidity found in the pre-Vatican II seminary professor of theology and canon law.