Dixit Simoni Petro Jesus: ... Pasce oves meas.
And Jesus saith to Simon Peter: Feed my sheep.
JOHN 21:15-17

SERVING UNDER 5 POPES: PAUL VI (1963-1978).: The Pope who commissioned Father to lead the "Fight for Truth and Tradition," and honored him for it.

Ergo inimicus vobis factus sum,
verum dicens vobis?

Am I therefore become your enemy,
because I tell you the truth?

THE VOICE CRYING IN THE WILDERNESS. -- In between sessions of the Second Vatican Council Father coordinated the nationwide reactions to the incipient liturgical reforms, summarizing them into a CATHOLIC TRADITIONALIST MANIFESTO, which, on December 31, 1964, he mailed or personally delivered as a "confidential" communication to Pope Paul VI, and the cardinals and bishops of the Roman Catholic Church the world over.