Veritas liberabit vos.
The truth shall set you free.
JOHN 8:32

VOX POPULI, VOX DEI. -- THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE, THE VOICE OF GOD. -- After three months of unsuccessful behind-the-scenes attempts to make the hierarchy of his Church recognize the danger signs on the horizon, Father publicly launched the CATHOLIC TRADITIONALIST MOVEMENT at a March 15, 1965 press conference in New York City. -- The long fight "FOR TRUTH AND TRADITION" had started.

In memory of the late NEW YORK TIMES reporter George DUGAN, that "rare bird" of objectivity in our profession.
-- A former media colleague of George, and, like him, an admirer of Father De Pauw, a real priest.

"The Catholic Traditionalist Movement has issued a manifesto deploring recent reforms in the Church's liturgy and expressing alarm at what it describes as efforts to 'Protestiantize' Roman Catholic churchgoers...The leading influence in the traditionalist group is a Belgium-born priest, the Rev. Gommar A. De Pauw, professor of moral theology and canon law at Mount St. Mary's Seminary, Emmitsburg, Md." - THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 28, 1965

"Although he was born in Belgium (1918), arriving in New York in 1949 and becoming a U.S. citizen in 1955, the ancestors of Father De Pauw-a figure of major controversy in the Roman Catholic Church-include a line of early American settlers. Among them were Michael De Pauw, the first proprietor of what is now Staten Island, New York, and Charles De Pauw, an aide-de-camp to Lafayette during the American Revolution. DePauw University in Indiana was named after one of his grand-uncles.
Father De Pauw's rise to fame from relative obscurity as a professor of moral theology and canon law in Maryland grew out of a Manifesto stating the case for the Catholic Traditionalist Movement against recent church reforms." -NEW YORK TIMES, April 3, 1965

"Father De Pauw,... a forthright priest,... at a Manhattan press conference, argued that the nation's bishops had been bamboozled into accepting reform by a few liberal theologians,... and openly challenged church policy..." -- TIME, April 9, 1965

"From the pews and even from the pulpits, intransigent traditionalists within the Catholic Church are fighting the reforms of the Vatican Council...In the U.S., the fundamentalist backlash has been led by a group calling itself the 'Catholic Traditionalist Movement'... The Rev. Gommar A. De Pauw, a 46-year-old theology professor from Mount St. Mary's Seminary in Maryland and the movement's only spokesman,... charged that the bishops in Rome had been 'seduced,' and Catholics had been 'brainwashed' by 'leftist extremists' among the council's theologians who want to 'Protestantize' the church." -NEWSWEEK, April 19, 1965

"Father De Pauw is articulate and affable, joking that he has become the 'complaint department' of the Catholic Church, but he litters his speech with intemperate words: The Catholic reforms were subtly extorted from the bishops at the VaticaCouncilil by 'no-good extremist advisers'; the revised Catholic worship is 'a test-tube pseudo-intellectual liturgy.'" -- NATIONAL OBSERVER, May 10, 1965

Laudans invocabo Dominum,
et ab inimcis meis salvus ero.

Praising will I call upon the Lord,
and I shall be saved from my enemies.

FREE AT LAST! -- Father called it his EMANCIPATION DAY, setting him free to continue his leadership of the Catholic Traditionalist Movement. -Picture shows him leaving the Vatican's Apostolic Palace on Nov. 15, 1965, after his transfer from Baltimore to the jurisdiction of the diocese of Tivoli-Rome, "directly subject to the Holy See."

Ipsi vero consideraverunt et inspexerunt me:
diviserunt sibi vestimenta mea, et super vestem meam miserunt sortem...

They have looked and stared upon me:
they have divided my garments amongst them,
and upon my vesture they cast lots...
PSALM 21:18-19

MAN CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE. This is the composite photograph Religious News Service sent to the world's newsmedia, under the headline "Central Figures in Controversy," when (l. to r.) Bishop Blaise Kurz, CTM Moderator, Francis Cardinal Spellman of New York, Lawrence Cardinal Shehan of Baltimore, Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani of the Vatican Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, and Archbishop Egidio Vagnozzi, Apostolic Delegate to the U.S., were all making contradictory statements regarding Father's canonical status and their role in the establishment of the CTM.

Non in abscondito locutus sum, in loco tenebroso.
I have not spoken in secret, in a dark place of the earth.
ISAIAH 45:19

STANDING UP TO BE COUNTED. -- Except for those programs he refused to "dignify" with his presence, Father has been a guest, since 1965, on most radio and TV news programs throughoutut the United States.

Confiteantur Tibi populi omnes, Deus...
Let all the peoples praise Thee, O God...
PSALM 66:4

RESISTANCE ORGANIZER. -- During 1965 Father spent considerable time in Belgium, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy and Switzerland, trying to convince concerned Catholics to join the newly founded Catholic Traditionalist Movement and turn it into a single united world-wide movement of resistance to what he denounced as "misinterpretations and illegal applications of the decisions of Vatican II."

Photo shows Father in Paris, addressing a meeting of European "intellectuals," who subsequently settled for their own independent separate splintergroups.

FACE TO FACE. -- If one were to believe the "Catholic" press, the CTM-leader, Father De Pauw, never had a personal audience with POPE PAUL VI. -- The above is photostaticic copy of the official Vatican invitation to such an audience. The invitation, dated November 30, 1965, was signed by the future Cardinal Mario Nasalli Rocca di Corneliano, then "Master of the House of His Holiness," and reads: "His Holiness will receive the Reverend Father Gommar A. De Pauw in audience tomorrow, Wednesday, at 5 p.m." The audience actually took place that day, Wednesday, December 1, 1965, with the Holy Father giving his blessing to Father De Pauw and the Catholic Traditionalist Movement.

Let it be remembered in Rome...and everywhere:
You kept the Faith, dear Father De Pauw,...
while others lost it!

Private picture which Cardinal Ottaviani personally gave Father De Pauw, Dec. 10, 1965, at the Vatican's's Holy Office, Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, where the traditionalist leader that day received his final instructions before returning to the USA to resume full leadership of the CTM. -- Like the Cardinal's motto "Semper Idem - Always the Same," the Cardinal's accompanying autographed message -- in French -- was to the point: "Cardinal Ottaviani -- With his wishes and blessings."