"BISHOP" Gommar Albert De Pauw

Letters of Canonical Election of the Most

Reverend Gommar Albert De Pauw, J.C.D.

In the Name of The Holy And Un-Divided Trinity. Amen.

We, Richard Arthur, by Divine Grace, Coadjutor of Caer-Glow within the Obedience and Jurisdiction of the Ultrajectine Roman Catholic Church, do by these our letters give and attest that within a canonical and lawful Session of the Sacred Consistory of this Church, the Reverend Gommar Albert De Pauw, a priest of the Holy Roman Church, was duly elected to the Episcopal Order under the title Suffragant of Caer-Glow, with Mission and Jurisdiction for the Catholic Traditionalist Movement within the jurisdiction of Holy Church.

"Thanks but no thanks...While my being selected to a prima facie VALID Bishop's consecration might be welcomed by many traditionalist Catholics, I must unqualifiedly refuse what would still be a SCHISMATIC Bishop's consecration... I was born a ROMAN Catholic... I was raised a ROMAN Catholic... I was ordained a ROMAN Catholic Priest... And, by the grace of God and the sustenance of like-minded friends, I intend to die a ROMAN Catholic 'Sacerdos in Aeternum.'... May the Lord have mercy on His Church."
Signed at New York City, August 1, 1967.


"The controversial president of the Catholic Traditionalist Movement, who travels around the country making speeches and meeting with the traditionalist branches, usually centering his criticism on changes in church liturgy, says the 'real battleground' of change going on in the Church is in the Catholic schools, and condemned what he called 'subversion of the Church' through the parochial schools." -- STANDARD-TIMES (New Bedford, Massachusetts), June 6, 1967

"He's called the 'rebel' priest...and not without cause.--Scrappy Father Gommar A. De Pauw, J.C.D. is proud of the title and readily admits that he's rebelling against the trend of the Catholic Church.--As president of the Catholic Traditionalist Movement, with offices in New York, the former professor of Moral Theology and Canon Law and 'personal expert' at the Second Vatican Council, travels thousands of miles each year speaking and preaching to stem the tide of what he calls the 'liberal church establishment changing the church's liturgy, altar and doctrine.'--For Father De Pauw it means speeches, and personal appearances, and living out of a suitcase half the time. But, he adds, 'We're getting through to the people. We have a lot of hard workers on our side, and we will win out.'" -- SCOTTSDALE (Arizona) DAILY PROGRESS, Nov. 26, 1967

"One has to see the credentials of this priest to realize that this is not the nebulous meanderings of some crack-pot, rebel, or disgruntled reactionary...Since Father De Pauw founded CTM in 1964, when he could see the trend developing, he has been harassed, maligned and persecuted by the Catholic press, bishops, new-breed clergy and religious. The priest, the movement and its followers have been given the silent treatment to anything favorable by the anti-Catholic 'catholic' press which is controlled by a few brainwashers in Washington's plush National Catholic News Service headquarters...This is a very tragic and inspiring story of the persecution and harassment of a very dear and faithful priest. -- AMERICAN FREE PRESS (Cincinnati, Ohio), Nov 1968

"Father De Pauw, the fighting and articulate leader of the worldwide Catholic Traditionalist Movement (CTM), blames 'liturgical beatniks' striving to 'de-Romanize' the Catholic Church for 'the collective madness which has taken possession of the establishment of our once Catholic Church in America.' Their ultimate goal, he says, is 'a one-world religion controlled by a one-world government.'... Normally a jovial man, Father De Pauw snorts in disgust at such aberrations..." -- ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, June 20-21, 1970