Beata gens cuius est Dominus Deus eius.
Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.
PSALM 32:12


April 26, 1991

It was a pleasure to meet with you. Your tribute to the soldiers of Operation Desert Storm is well-appreciated. Now that they are returning home after a job well done, it is even more important to welcome these men and women with open arms. These young heroes are deserving of this and so much more. On their behalf, I want to thank you for demonstrating your support for them, for our country and for a just cause.

Marilyn joins me in wishing you our best. God bless.


RECOGNIZED LEADER. -- On April 19, 1991, --after President Bush, on March 6, had declared Kuwait liberated and the Persian Gulf war officially over, -- Father was received at the White House where Vice President Dan Quayle thanked him on behalf of the President and the nation. Subsequently, on April 26, the Vice President expressed the same feelings in a personal letter.