to our priest,
Fr. Gommar De Pauw
for his stimulating and
profound influence
on our lives!

"Father De Pauw has well served the solemn purpose to which he has committed his life. He has tended to the spiritual needs of others with diligence and devotion. His is a vocation of love and dedication, and he should be proud of the manner in which he has served others as a priest. And I also greatly appreciate all he has done as a citizen to promote peace through strength in the world. I wholeheartedly congratulate him. And may God bless him and keep him in the years ahead." - Ronald REAGAN, former President of the United States, Los Angeles, California, April 12, 1992

"During his 50 years in the Roman Catholic priesthood, Doctor Gommar De Pauw fostered high standards of justice and morality in our society. As a priest and as an author he touched the lives of many people, and I commend his firm devotion to the Catholic Traditionalist Movement." - George BUSH, President of the United States, The White House, Washington, D.C., April 12, 1992

"Father De Pauw is a good and courageous man, who has never feared to tell the truth as he sees it, even though his views may violate the 'conventional wisdom' and be 'politically incorrect.'... He has done great good for mankind in his many years in the priesthood, for which we should all be grateful...I send him my congratulations and warmest best wishes...May he enjoy many more years in the pursuit of his good work." - Caspar W. WEINBERGER, Former Secretary of Defense, Washington, D.C., April 12, 1992

"Mine is a soldier's thanks for the efforts of Father De Pauw...Had it not been for priests like Father De Pauw, who stoutly defended the justness of our cause, all Catholics supporting the Strategic Defense Initiative would have felt estranged from our Church. Father De Pauw stood against the tide of sentimental pacifism, advocating the prudent and effective course which has indeed led to the relative peace we now celebrate." - Daniel O. GRAHAM, Lt. Gen. USA (ret.) Director, High Frontier, Washington, D.C., April 12, 1992

Thank you, persistent Fighter,
"For Truth and Tradition". . .

" Father De Pauw is the one theologian and canon lawyer without whose saintly perseverance the world of Christianity would have never seen the day when the Pope ordered the return of the traditional Latin Mass…As an American citizen he has also been a shining example of never-wavering patriotism…I deeply believe that he is the possessor of a truly extraordinary mind, a living symbol sent by God as an example for the world's people, to the end that they may profit by his walk in life, as well as learn from his incomparable achievements for humanity and God...His exemplary services and his dedication to his God and to all humanity as well as our country makes him a hero…I warmly congratulate him with the highest esteem, admiration and affection. - Edward J. DEHNÉ, M.D., Ph.D., Lt-Gen.USA (Ret.), President, International Health Society, Carson City, Nevada, April 12, 1992

" Congratulations to Father De Pauw on 50 years of services to God and country through the Catholic Traditionalist Movement…His book, 'The Challenge of Peace Through Strength, ' has provided clergy and laymen alike with the information we need to defend a strong defense posture from a Christian perspective… Father De Pauw is a man of God and a true patriot. We owe him thanks for all he has done to preserve peace and freedom in our nation and around the world. May God continue to bless his work." - Eugene B. McDANIEL, Capt,USN (Ret), President, American Defense Institute, Washington, D.C., April 12, 1992

" We, at the American Security Council Foundation and its Congressional Advisory Board, are proud to have this outstanding Catholic leader, Father De Pauw, as one of our members. " - John M. FISHER, Chairman, American Security Foundation, Washington, D.C., April 12, 1992

" Father De Pauw has been a spiritual leader, second to none…But he has even been more than a spiritual leader…He has been a member of all our families and a friend. He has been there to share the joys during the happy occasions. He has been there to share the tears during times of sadness. He has always been there, with his help, his support and his strength…I am presenting to him the official flag of Nassau County because he really represents in so many ways what we like to think this country, America, is about: people who are willing to give of themselves, who care for each other, who give the most valuable gift that one human being can give to another, the gift of love, of compassion and understanding of others." - Thomas GULOTTA, County Executive of Nassau, New York, officially proclaiming April 26, 1992, as 'The Reverend Doctor Gommar A. De Pauw Day,' April 12, 1992

" The spiritual guidance and direction that Father De Pauw has instilled in our past, current and future citizens and leaders of this great community is worthy of the heartfelt admiration and praise of all of us in town government." - Joseph N. MONDELLO, Presiding Supervisor, Town of Hempstead, New York, April 12, 1992

" I greatly value Father Gommar De Pauw's perseverance in the highly humane interpretation of his spiritual duties and his wonderful struggle to defend the traditional Catholic Truth. I convey to him my congratulations and warm regards." - BAUDOUIN, King of the Belgians, Royal Palace, Brussels, Belgium, April 12, 1992

" The town of Stekene, East Flanders, Belgium, cordially and proudly salutes its native son, the Very Reverend Sir Professor Doctor Gommar Albert De Pauw, on the 50th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood." - Official Proclamation by the College of Mayor and Eldermen of Stekene, April 12, 1992

Our Deep and Everlasting
for the
Efforts of Father De Pauw
in preserving the
One, True, Catholic Faith.

" I thank Almighty God for Father De Pauw's 50 years as a priest, so rich in grace. And I pray the Lord will grant Father many more years of beautiful priestly life." - - Leonce-Albert VAN PETEGHEM, Bishop of Ghent, Belgium, April 12, 1992

" I present my warmest felicitations and deepest respect to Father De Pauw for his priestly dedication and the tremendous good he has accomplished during his 50 years as a priest, saving countless souls, in true loyalty to God's Church and to the Gospel…Father Gommar, my dearest friend and former student, has kept the solemn vows he made to the Lord in 1942, and has remained loyal to the Faith of his forefathers. May the Lord Who judges in justice and knows the innermost thoughts of all of us, richly reward him and grant him that serenity of soul resulting from the knowledge that his loyalty and dedication are known to Him and appreciated. " - Leo-Karel DE KESEL, Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar General, Ghent, Belgium, April 12, 1992. (N.B. - It was in the diocese of Ghent that Father De Pauw was ordained a priest on April 12, 1942.)

" My very best wishes and most cordial greetings to my dearest brother-priest, the Most Reverend Professor Doctor Father Gommar De Pauw. I pray that the Lord's graces and blessings may continue to descend upon his magnificent work with the Catholic Traditionalist Movement, the defense of our traditional holy Catholic Truth." - Arrigo PINTONELLO, Military Archbishop Emeritus of the Italian Armed Forces, and President of the College Selva dei Pini, Rome, Italy, Jan. 1, 1999

Thank you, courageous Priest!…
for saying it so much earlier   
and so much better…